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half-wits, none listening to the others and most
of them trying to silence the others in their
impatience. Thousands of fools are ready to
write us a complete prescription for our world
troubles. Will people never realise their own
ignorance and incompletenesses, from which
arise this absolute necessity for the plainest state-
ment of the realities of the problem, for the
most exhaustive and unsparing examination of
differences of opinion, and for the most
ruthless canvassing of every possibility, however
unpalatable it may seem at first, of the
situation ?
Before anything else, therefore, in this survey '
of the way to world peace, I put free speech and
vigorous publication. It is the thing best worth
fighting for. It is the essence of your personal
honour. It is your first duty as a world citizen
to do what you can for that. You have not only
to resist suppressions, you have to fight your way
out of a fog. If you find your bookseller or news-
agent failing to distribute any type of publication
whatever—even if you are in entire disagreement
with the views of that publication—you should
turn the weapon of the boycott upon the offender
and find another bookseller or newsagent forj
everything you read. The would-be world
citizen should subscribe also to such an organiJ